Moving Parts

December 14th, 2012 through February 5th, 2013; a group show with Katie Alley and Brandilyn Summer at Middle Way Cafe. It is such a pleasure to show with these two women: Katie, who I have known since art class in high school, and Brandilyn, who I just met! Creating this work has been a deeply personal process of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I have been experiencing a new courage in seeing all the parts of myself, the beautiful and the pitiful and accepting them all. I face the the fierceness of the unknown, within and without. Prints available.

Portrait Project

It\'s happening! Would you like to participate in the portrait project? You can keep your portrait and share in the creation of intimate space, community and conceptual art! Basically, drawing people is one of the things I love most in the world. And I want to do it 150 times by the fall. I\'ve got the gear in my purse. Are you in? Text me.

Los Angeles Portrait Project

The purpose of the Los Angeles Portrait Project is to recognize the individual value and humanity of people in the greater Los Angeles community through portraiture and the creation of intimate space. My intention is to create art that is inclusive and celebratory as well as aesthetically interesting. I want to explore the idea of time/space as part of art creation, interaction with the community and repetition of the creation process. I\'ll be here in LA for the month of November 2011, and I would love to draw you!

our stars: an unfolding home

May 2011, at Snow City Cafe. Prints now available! This body of work on wood explores the intersection of the expansive and the particular through the relationship of a brother sister pair with time. This world is made up of quirky and earnest arrangements of animals, children, suspended stars and paper snowflakes. It is about the wonder of being alive and the quality of life as a journey, the concept of home as the present moment. May we, if only for a moment, honor time and allow it to support us. In this body of work, time is my friend.

baby animals

December 2010, Katie Sevigny\'s. Prints now available! My quest for inner happiness led to baby animals. Drawing animals from “The Love of Baby Animals,” and “Doug Lindstrand\'s Alaskan Sketchbook,” started as a purely therapeutic activity when I was feeling stuck in my studio, or in a little funk at home. Gazing at the coo-inducing cuteness of my books became a bigger and bigger part of my personal artistic process. It is a light-hearted and somewhat mystical moment, the cuteness (of course) the joy of a hard pencil, the opacity of white gouache, fumbling through my tiny frame collection. May you have a moment of this joy too.

HOUSE (portraits)

In the first week on November 2010, I lived, worked and was on display in Jimmy Riordan\'s HOUSE at the Alaska Pacific University. In these five glorious days I got to do 57 or so portraits of staff, faculty, students and people who came to bring me food and company. Check out the website,

On the Shores of Home

June 2010, at The International Gallery of Contemporary Art in Anchorage, Alaska. This was a collaborative sculpture, scene and sound installation by Anda, Ben, Pam and Brian Saylor.

Bubbles of Consciousness

Snow City Cafe, July 2008

Macalester College Senior Show 2006

These images are from my Senior Exhibition at Macalester College in St. Paul MN, 2006. There are four drawings on moleskin journal paper and seven interactive fiber sculptures called lonely naps.