our stars: an unfolding home

our stars: an unfolding home new works on wood by Anda Saylor, Snow City Cafe, May 2011 prints available This work explores the intersection of the expansive and the particular through the relationship of a brother sister pair with time. This world is made up of quirky and earnest arrangements of animals, children, suspended stars and paper snowflakes. It is a story about inter-connection; between my brother and I, between us and the animals, between the work and the viewers/cafe goers and between all of us and the mystery. The show is hung in such a way that the beings in each piece are connected to the viewer or each other through eye contact. It is about the wonder of being alive and the quality of life as a journey, the concept of home as the present moment. As an artist, I am on a quest to make time my friend, to be fully in the present moment and cultivate my relationship with my own heart. This work has been an exploration of my relationship with time. Sometimes time is stretchy, so full and comforting. Other times it feels rigid and contracted, not friendly at all. Our Stars has been an adventure, a conversation with the materials and a subtle world of it's own making. May we, if only for a moment, honor time and allow it to support us. In this body of work, time is my friend. note: These water-color and gouache pigments are delicate and the wood will age and may warp slightly in different temperatures. Drawings should be kept in a dry place. Contact the artist at andasaylor@airpost.net if you are interested in prints. The artist retains the rights to the images. thank you time: Special thanks to my community for supporting this show in coming into being! To my daddy-o Brian Saylor helping me with framing and everything else, for my mother Pam's constant support and steadfastness, and of course to my brother Ben for giving me my name and being my most faithful companion since birth. Thank you also to Kassi Grunder and all of YAAC, Snow City Cafe employees and its regulars, Tasia Jelatis-Hoke, Melanie Lumbard, Melanie Lynch, Joanne and Jesse Collens, Jeff Aldrich, Katie Alley, Kendra Kinsey, the Firefly Co-op Gallery members, Linda Marsh-Ives, Karmen Staveland, Grace Merritt, Jana Latham, Nina Stehr, Pam Hansen, Athena and Tanah Swinford, Hannah Popish, Tahila Brown, Arran Forbes, Allison Warden, Zach and Alisha Silverstein and sweet Aurora Habblet. Thank you to everyone in my life for the crazy pep talks, encouragement, london fogs, sanding and staining frames, giving critique, helping me think up the titles, making tape loops, passing out postcards, feeding me, respecting my social isolation and checking in on me anyway. So much love!