Moving Parts

moving parts: It is such a pleasure to show with these two women: Katie, who I have known since art class in high school, and Brandilyn, who I just met! Creating this work has been a deeply personal process of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I have been experiencing a new courage in seeing all the parts of myself, the beautiful and the pitiful and accepting them all. Through the large painting of the elephant seal, I face the the fierceness of the unknown, within and without. I have also enjoyed using mat and gloss medium in my work to make the water-color and pencil more durable. thank you: Thank you to my brother Ben, for playing at the opening and for letting me take over our living room for the past few months! You are the best brother ever. Thank you to my parents, Brian and Pam for supporting me. Thanks to my daddy-o and boyfriend Stanislav for helping me with framing and hanging! Thank you to Jim Kerr and Denise Martin for playing at the opening and to Middle Way Cafe, Enzina, Dallas and Ellie for all their logistical support. Thank you to Katie Alley and Brandilyn Summer, Melanie Lombard, Tasia Jelatis-Hoke, Athena Swinford, Saro Hinson, Roy Alexander, Kassi Grunder, Stanislav Scheglov, Duke Russell, and so many people who encourage me!